Air travel tickets

We have huge experience in offering the most direct and most economical advantageous options ( reduced rates : APEX, PEX, Excursion, etc ) ; we are focused on finding availability for lowest prices on all airlines worldwide, combining most direct and most economical routes to achieve cost effectiveness. With our efficient response electronic tickets are issued after few minutes; whenever a need for rebooking arise we are handling fast and easy with our automatically reissuing system according with the fare rules. With Dollar Tours our clients can obtain a service with high quality that will reduce the expense of travel.

Our agency has built an outstanding reputation not only with our clients but also with the airline companies over the years, which strengthens our professional customer service even more. In case of emergency we have direct communication with the airlines regardless whether it is town of airport office. Agent line allows us to reach the airlines any time. Our agency has the possibility to offer benefit or discount programs by airlines to the customer.

Hotel bookings

We at Dollar Tours can book hotel rooms at 65,000 hotels and more than 160,000 properties all over the world directly through our computer reservation system and have access to the CWT portfolio of over 13,000 hotels worldwide with which Carlson Wagonlit Travel has negotiated discounted rates and special amenities. Due to our global purchasing power and global corporate agreements we can offer preferential CWT rates at most of these hotels while also providing You with a great range of accommodation solutions; from standard hotels to luxury category hotels worldwide.felis

Rental cars

The Agency does not posses own rental vehicles, however is capable of arranging for rental vehicles.
We can find the right car in the right place, at the right price.

Business Travel

Dollar Tours is providing outstanding travel management since 1995. Since 2000 we are the official Partner for Macedonia of Carlson Wagonlit Travel, leading Travel Management Company in the World. As a CWT partner, Dollar Tours provides various services to business clients, driving savings, delivering service and emphasizing security and sustainability. Transfers technology of corporate travel management from its strategic partner and uses the services of the network of 4000 agencies in more than 150 countries worldwide for benefits of its travelers. Working closely with clients to fully understand their goals, CWT provides products and services that balance and meet the needs of travel managers, business travelers, procurement professionals and Clevel.

Our Clients are multinational, large, medium sized and small companies, government organizations aswell as individual business travelers in demand for professional service in travel management, while using the expertise of local partners at the same time. To provide excellent service to our clients and travelers, we assign Key Account Managers to develop close, personalized and relationships with them. This approach allows the Client to familiarize with dedicated person to fulfill particular travel need, habits and preference of each traveler.

Meetings and Events

CWT Meetings & Events helps you creating conference/meeting/event concept according to your budget, objectives, and expectations. Whatever you plan, we have a solution for your specific needs. Our focus is local organization in Macedonia, and with our worldwide Partners we bring any piece of planet closer to our Customers, as a memorable experience, with maximum value.

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